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Started Reading A Book & Decided To Start a Blog

Welcome !

I have been contemplating making this site for while now and I was starting to run in circles, because I couldn't figure out what to write about to best give value to my business audience. Now I understand that in order to deliver the highest value to others. We must attend to ourselves first.

The blog is for me to share my experiences to the world and in doing so possibly help someone else realize their passions. SInce I am not really sure where to start I will let you guys know a quick few things about me:

I was born Feb 14, 1986 in New York. My parents were first generation Indians in America and struggling to start a now very successful cardiology practice. Our family was moved to the south at a young age, however I was sent to various boarding schools around the world for schooling. In total I went to over 10 schools in 4 countries before I ever started college. College was a breeze academically, so I applied my attention elsewhere such as greek life, spring break, and products that were hot in my market. I really didn't care where I ended up or what I did business or career wise. I had side hustles and worked part time for my father which afforded me the lifestyle of luxury and complacency most 18 year olds dream about.


punjabi kandola singha family

Fast forward 10 years after college I finally realize that everything I did was leading to this moment. All I'd learned about life was being applied to the new business I started. It all started to make sense.

I slowly realized, I love playing the game of business. Every bit of it excites me...

Why would I ever do anything else now .. ?

From College Life in Alabama ...

From College Life in Alabama ...

... to interviews at expositions across the country.

To interviews at expositions across the country

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