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Searching for a way to cover up my bald spot while handling business.

Today was a pretty chill day. I only had about $2k in sales and not many client calls came in, so I decided to work on touching base with a few local salons and barber shops.

Local OC PopUp Hair Studio

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Cash Sales

This morning, I was in a parking lot on the way to a local pop hair boutique when one client in particular, who only speaks Spanish called me to discuss her hair extensions order. I speak a bit of Spanish from my time going to school in Ensenada (whole different story), but I couldn't understand this lady at all. So, I ran over to the car wash next door and asked a man to help me translate. Long story short after kneeling down and holding the speaker phone to the guy and discussing indian hair extensions for 20 minutes, he must have noticed my hair or my lack of hair on the top of my head (see pic below). He made a joke about me needing to buy hair myself and laughed as I, consciously, walked away back to my car.

Yes .. that is my head. The angle and the lighting make it look bigger and balder than it is ... Really !

mens weave and hair fibers are used to cover balding or thinning hair areas

Check out the #manweave video on youtube by clicking in the center of my bald spot.

Not a big deal. I've known the bald spot was getting bigger, but today I decided to do something about it. To see how I would look without that spot on my head. So I went out to find the right products. I added a few pics below. Most of these hair products cause a good bit of itching in my hair. It gave me an idea of when I go to India next week to start looking into the keratin hair fiber market. One thing I spoke about in a previous blog was that I love doing business. A great business man can point out a problem or issue and immediately look for possible solutions to it.

Jerome Russel Hair Fibers | Found this in a beauty store in Koreatown

jerome russel hair fibers

From itchy hair fibers to modern pharmaceutical medication that has more side effects than the originating issue, the art of business can be applied to help people with any issue. I am thankful to the entrepreneur who saw this issue and decided to try and fix it.

"As a entrepreneur it is now my responsibility to improve on it."

They itch but they worked good to cover the spot.

Heading into the shower now :)

man weave or keratin hair fibers

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