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Los Angeles Fashion Week Sheraton Grand DTLA The LBC Long Beach, CA

The Los Angeles fashion week brings to town all the hottest designer, models, and up and coming tycoons of the beauty and entertainment industries. I was lucky enough to be invited by a client of mine who makes wigs for women all over Southern California.

26 Inch Human Hair Steam Curl Hand Made Wig

26 Inch Human Indian Hair | Brazilian Curl Hand Made Wig

The venue for todays runway show was The Sheraton Grand in downtown Los Angeles. We decided to arrive early and have a snack at The District, which proved to be a great idea. After filling up with some amazing appetizers we walked down to the ballroom.

The Sheraton DTLA

Los Angeles Fashions Showcase at The Sheraton Grand in Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The production and decor was on point, but the location was small. As soon as the show started I realized that the real work at this show was done behind the scenes by the designers and stylists. The outfits, make up, and synchronicity of the women walking on stage was on par with a Victoria's Secret type of exclusive show!

Check Out The Fashion Showcase Slideshow !

When You See The Reality After A Successful Day & It's All The More Encouraging... I also got to take a trip down to Long Beach, CA and meet an old friend of mine from Mobile, Alabama. It's always nice to look back and see how far you've come. For me, I've taken huge strides in short amounts of time. I can see this clearly when I am around certain people who know my past. It was very exciting pitching, discussing, and critiquing new business ideas with an old friend who was also around in the beginning when I started my last (successful) company.

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