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Welcome To India !

The next few blogs will tell the story of a beautiful business/wedding/spiritual/family trip to the incredible, diverse, and beautiful country of India!

I will be landing in Shanghai in about 9 hours. China is a huge manufacturing powerhouse. There are literally countless products we use in the United States today that are imported from China. Everything from the clothes on your back to the phone in your hand, usually have been imported from global trading.

Chart of some US import Breakdowns

Here’s a thought, if the powers to be in our country, who trade regularly, with nations across the world allowed the masses to connect with the “foreigners” they trade with, then, essentially, the powers to be would be giving up their “plug” and so instead of them encouraging the understanding of other cultures and people they create hatred to further separate humans and advance their financial motives. Might sound totally off the wall and wild, but I was just watching Bastille Day and these thoughts started flooding in.

^edit - might not have made sense, but if you are curious email me and let's dive into it !

Anyway, this isn’t the main subject of this particular post.

I guess being 30k feet in the air allows my mind to wander better. I am on a 13-hour flight from LAX to Shanghai. I learned a few years back that instead of just taking vacations that I should (and easily can) incorporate my business into the trips for maximum efficiency and value.

Couldn't have said it better ..


So I went a bit on a rant below here.., but it has bothered me for a while .. I would love to listen to both sides views on this topic in depth. Arranged Marriages, Astronauts , & Americans

That is what this trip is for. My cousin, Harjeet, who is to be married to a guy she barely knows at the end of this week. We are all so happy and proud for her. I am as well, but just now I asked myself, why? I do not know this guy and/or his family and who he is. Why should I support this man in being with my sister without a “test?” I guess it’s an open-ended question, since I am going and I am supporting them both. Arranged marriages have always been a mystery to me. I just could never wrap my mind around meeting someone for my parents and then spending the rest of time with them. I am an American born kid that has had most all luxuries of life before my cousins home even had proper electricity and toilets. For my cousin, born and raised in a small village in India, things are a bit more complex. I have visited my family in Musapur India, since I was a child and always have been close to them. Only after we all grew up did I realize and begin to wonder how different of a life they must have had. In India, if you aren’t a doctor by 19 and married with kids by 25 then you are a failure. Harsh? I think not, this is a pretty accurate picture from my experiences. Indian can be some of the most judgmental people on the planet, and yet have the most expansive room for forgiveness and love. I think, in the end, this is part of why so many kids still listen to their parents and have an arranged marriage. Not only, because it’s the Indian thing to do or because they don’t want to disobey their parents. I believe it’s an innate sense that this has been done before and worked. I think that the deeply instilled culture and history play a role in these decisions.

On the other hand living in the new age America many times it's hard to keep hold of traditions, culture, and roots while avoiding the masses of people settling for mediocrity from life and spreading disgusting media and news to our children. Our younger generations have latched on to the most vile, crude, and superficial lifestyles and role models possible. I do not believe our countries or our people can further progress until these trend shift direction for good.

In my world, it’s my problem, and the solution starts with me... Want to help ?

^edit - once again .. might not have made sense, but if you are curious email me and let's talk about it.

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