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India to China to LA in 2 Weeks !


What an amazing, fast, and refreshing trip. I wasn’t able to do much blogging or work. Not because of the usual issues with no connectivity or energy in a remote location, but actually since we were just too busy for a free moment for anything else!

I keep realizing the extreme value of family every time I spend more time around them. This time leaving them after our time together was the hardest for me. I’ve been sent around the world since a young age, from boot camp to military school to catholic boarding school. Besides my first stretch alone in India at 11 years old, I don’t ever recall having a lasting feeling of missing my family.

I am blessed enough to have been able to travel and still see my immediate family at least once a year. However, until a few years back I didn’t realize how huge and awesome the Kandola family truly is. We literally own an entire village community in India and command respect from all our neighbors for being so hardworking and smart.

I guess the older I get, the more I learn about the world and life. I realize I wasted some time in the past with energies, thoughts, and souls that were never worth my time in the first place. However, I did learn a lesson from each interaction, so instead of “wasted time” it has become “lesson learned.”

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