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I have 5 minutes to breathe today... so I write.

Sorry, I haven't had much time to write and I may not have much more time in the near future either. I am working on a lot of things simultaneously. From acting to tea and of course hair, all things are running full speed ahead!

I have been blessed by the recent formulation of strong team here in LA. I got to see my family and some of my best old friend this last week. I've learned more about myself offstage by being onstage than I ever have in my life doing anything.

If we all continue to work and grow together like this I feel like the possibilities will be endless...

I hope to update you all again soon, but in the meantime just follow my social media accounts or email me!

Peace and Love from Nature - Loa Angeles is a simply beautiful city and its surroundings are even better. #mylalife

Family in Downtown LA near the Staples Center for NYE

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