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Lots of people are laughing at “extroverts” for not being able to stay in the house and I’m not condoning going out right now nor am I going out around others myself.

Imagine that one of the things you love and need the most is connecting and being around good people. Giving a real hug or handshake with eye contact. Smiling with friends. Sharing a meal. Then imagine living in one of the biggest cities in the world where you don’t know anyone, even your neighbors, and not being able to even properly get out and be with new people here.

My gym, yoga, meditation, and other classes just started not long ago, but being around those people were helping me tremendously.

I don’t know, maybe it’s easier for others than it is for me, but I’m having a tough time.

This pandemic has made me realize a side of me that I love and that is how important it is for my health to be sharing good times with people I care about and that care about me. Other things just don’t matter as much. Honestly, that’s why I even started a business, to have that good community feeling. I’m making a few life/business/personal changes when all this is over to better pay attention to that side of me.

If we can love and help each other regardless of the past or any differences then we can change the world. I am not ashamed to be real with what I want for myself and with, to, and for the world. I hope none of you are either. I know a few of you understand the depth of what I am saying.


From the desk of Hair Maiden India:

Ladies & Gentlemen. We are open digitally and available to all our partners & clients for daily shipments. We created our own businesses to craft our lives and be able to weather any storms that face us. Be smart, be calm, be safe, and continue to grow yourself and your business. Bless.

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