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From Felony to Philosophy the Rocky Singh Story LIVE by Thoughts with DvilleDi.

LIVE on Racism, Prison, and Overcoming Old Ways.

"This brother has and amazing story from growing up in and out of correctional facilities where abuse was rampant, to to selling drugs and being stabbed.

Rocky is a true story of overcoming adversity.

Listen as he takes you on a walk though his life, his misfortunes, to his triumphs becoming a successful businessman."

convict to ceo Rocky Singh Kandola

Very much enjoyed talking to my brother @dville_di on his Podcast radio show.

One thing that definitely sticks in my mind is when we were discussing the reality of our situations and circumstances in life ... we all get so caught up in those identities that we feel helpless to shift and change and grow. It’s all a mindset and we create the realities before us.

As a kid my reality was bouncing around from boot camp to boot camp and I never knew anything beyond that.

These days I’m open to the infinite possibilities of growth, connection, love, and beauty of the world. In my eyes, this is what freedom truly is.

Check out his podcast show to listen in about these topics and the show we did together !

Bless you all.

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