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LIVE with Tom Russell on the Women 4 Women Network

Sharing your past and story is easy for some and very difficult for others.

Doing it publicly with someone I’ve only just met virtually, for me, has been very empowering and healing.

Sometimes it’s tough to remember the exact timeline, many times details of the past are a bit fuzzy, and I always feel a bit nervous beforehand.

However, this year I’ve been purposefully trying to do things that once scared me.

It’s powerful.

I’ve been growing and learning more about myself and how to heal from things we may not even consciously remember anymore, but that still have affects on our life. In order to let your past have less affect on you, I believe, you must face it, learn from it, speak about it, and only then move on from it with lessons learned.

Also I hope that sharing these things can help inspire and motivate one person somewhere out there in the world... Tom Russell is live on “Life Without Limits” on at 9 PM EST or download the W4WN app and click listen live.

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