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Inside the Mirror Podcast LIVE with Kyle Crabtree

Kyle Crabtree Podcast

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Tap the link in my bio to hear @rockykandola talk about his time as a child in prison-like boot camps that recently received coverage in Paris Hilton’s new documentary “This Is Paris.”

When you look into a mirror, what do you see? You see the Truth. Host Kyle David is on a mission to speak truthfully and authentically on topics from addiction, depression, work ethic, kindness, gratitude, to current events such as Covid, racial injustice and how to handle the struggles of life. "I'm talking about anything I feel is helpful or important, the goal is to impact every listener in a positive way." -Kyle DavidThrough meaningful conversations, this podcast explores our lives and our world to determine what's really "INSIDE THE MIRROR."

From Kyle:

I write, record and perform hip hop music. Music has always been in my heart, growing up my family always encouraged me and provided me with opportunities to develop my musical abilities. I played alto saxophone in my JR. high band and began writing my own original music soon after. I was heavily influenced by jazz and hip hop music since a young age and began recording hip hop music in 2010. I booked my first live performance in 2012 and have have now performed dozens of time at different venues. I released my first project “Midnight Microphone” in 2014. In 2017 I released a 6 track EP titled “This Is Me,” Followed by a 5 track EP in 2018 called “September 21.” I have released a song almost every month since the beginning of 2018 and I will continue to release music and build an audience by staying committed to making truthful and authentic music. My goal is to bring truth and hope to those who listen.

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