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The only institutionalized Indian in the room - LIVE.

The Only Institutionalized Indian in the Room

The "troubled teen industry" is a mostly unregulated collection of for-profit programs that claim to rehabilitate out-of-control youth. Between 50,000 and 100,000 adolescents currently spend at least part of the year in these facilities. The hopes are that their enrollment – or confinement, depending on the arrangement or their perspective – can prevent these relatively privileged kids from joining the 48,000 youth caught in the U.S. juvenile justice system.

Some are boot camps or ranches or wilderness therapy programs. Some are military-style academies that focus on sparse surroundings, lots of physical activities and punishments. There are also a variety of residential treatment programs that aim to change deviant behaviors like poor school performance, self-harming, drug abuse, insubordination and more. Today we have 34-year old businessman, Rocky Singh Kandola who spent his high school years in nine different facilities and boot camps across the world.

Visit: WWASP Survivors website

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Check out Rocky Singh Kandola's business Hair Maiden India

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Instagram: @rockykandola

Contact Rocky Singh Kandola directly:

228-596-5678 (cell)

323-449-9196 (showroom)


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