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Hemp Extract CBD Tea Business

Today was a pretty great day and largely due to the fact that I got to spend time diving into one of the projects closer to my heart; CBD hemp extract infused organic teas.

Infusing our tea

cbd infused organic teas for the natural yogi and health nut inside you

We recently acquired a few grams of CBD crystalline from a local dispensary to begin testing of our cbd infused tea line. We experimented with the dosage of the CBD as well as the flavor of the tea and packaging specifications to please the market we are targeting.

Sourcing CBD in LA

Some dispensaries actually serve no psychoactive substances and instead focus on non psychoactive relief from common symptoms.

medical marijuana and cbd dispensaries in los angeles california are very common

We are focused on targeting the entry level user looking for relief from symptoms of insomnia, neurosis, anxiety, pain , and stress without turning to modern medication and its many side effects.

Personally, I can really wrap my mind and heart around this, because I've always wanted to help people with what I do.

An Alabama judge decided that I am not fit for law nor med school, even with a near perfect undergrad GPA. Shortly after my new life as a proper businessman began. I have never been happier with life and I do not regret a single bit of my past. Anyway, I digress.., back to the point.

CBD is a naturally grown substance that has medicinal effects that are so powerful, competitors in big pharma industry are worried about CBD interfering with their chemical drug sales.

CBD has MANY natural health benefits

The health benefits of cbd and hemp oils.

We plan to ignore these corrupt and tyrannical laws and bring safe, informed, and natural medicinal relief to all our clients.

From the King

One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we finalized the infusion of all the tea bags for our first wholesale order and tonight we are adding the final touches to the packaging before we ship out our hemp teas. We are very excited to see how our product is received !

CBD or cannabinoid has many life changing health benefits

The first step in the rest of the plan to enter the huge medicinal market, is to acquire 1500 grams of crystalline cannabinoid from a manufacturer introduced to me by my friend who is currently traveling in Bali, Indonesia. After we arrive back from our travels to India we will be looking to head to the extraction factory for CBD!


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