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What a year so far ...

I told you guys during my last post that I was going to start checking out some acting "stuff..."

Well ... I have and all I can say is, wow.

I signed up online using wedding pictures as headshots and got an audition within a week ! I went to it very nonchalant and didn't even have anything prepared to read. So, I was given a script to memorize and then the casting director began asking me to read. She walked me through the read as well as the basics of acting. I enjoyed being so nervous and then facing my fears and trying it out! The next day I was called back with an offer for a role in a different theater production by the same casting director!

I perform on Fridays now for the next 2 months and I have a few more auditions already lined up next week. I am enjoying learning about this business.

I have struggled with anxiety and self destructive habits in the past and have seen counselors for help.

Acting and performing seem to be a natural sort of therapy for me, which in itself includes attention to the physical being, the mental state, and even that which transcends them both.

I am nervous and anxious about each performance and practice and yet I still do it and each time I do, I grow. I am anxious about 100 things in life and business and still I take the time to perform and learn and grow from careful and smart critiques and teachers.

This is truly a unique, talented, and cool ass group of young actors. I feel blessed to be able to work with them on my day one!

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I am so new to business, so new to this life of meaning, new to the marketplace of trading products, services, and ideas. And that is my greatest advantage. I will learn and grow with my current business and my new passion in life each and everyday.

Cheers !

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