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Always looking to grow

I always thought about acting since a young age.

Not really for the fame and money, but I thought it was cool to impersonate others and really merge with that full persona.

Willie Taylor and Misterr Ray From Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Today after working out I met an old friend who is an actor in LA, and I decided to take my first step.

My morning routine is solid and ready for 2018

I am going to a few casting calls this week and have submitted a portfolio (with one picture only so far) online for casting review. I don't really know much about acting, but I am confident enough to be myself, speak out, and have fun while giving it a shot!

Just me hanging in a tree in nature. Topanga canyon allows me to recharge my vibrations !!

Sales and the store have been so crazy during the holidays. I've actually gotten headaches from replying to so many questions and packaging so much hair. However, its a blessing and a dream come true to have so much traffic for Hair Maiden India and to be doing so well with local sales in the tough and competitive market of LA.

Our full service hair loft downtown Los Angeles is almost totally done !

Christmas was the only day I truly laid back and relaxed. No worries ... my parents are coming for the New Years and I know their visit and the NYE festivities will provide me with fresh energy and focus to begin 2018 proper.

2018 is the year. My year. I will achieve all the goals I once thought were so out of reach. Hair Maiden India will be at a new level in this industry. I am so sure, because I've learned from my recent success and I know exactly what to do each day in 2018. EACH of these coming 365 days are mine and I will work everyday to deliver more value than anyone else within my industry.

Carpe Every Diem.


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