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I BROKE INTO Casa By The Sea !! Breaking Code Silence - The truth behind Torture Bootcamps for Teens

Whew. I had to breathe very consciously when I entered this place after over 20 years of nightmares and flashbacks. I paid a guard of the lot next door to open the gate and let me walk around the inside. My voice may sound "normal," but I was literally shaking on the inside. Sometimes, I couldn't even speak and instead was just looking around in disbelief at the place I was sexually, physically, and mentally tortured at 12 years of age. This video is more for my brothers and sisters who spend time here and haven't been able to see it since then. For me, I realized after seeing the broken walls and building that the place was smaller and not as scary as it is in my dreams. It was very scary to first walk in and ultimately very healing to enter inside and confront some of my biggest fears. I was sent to both Casa by the Sea and Academy at Ivy Ridge with the same abusers to face at each place in my teen years from 12-17.


The troubled teen industry is a massive strain on society and has far reaching consequences to the children and the communities around them. Breaking Code Silence has recently came to light with the documentaries of Paris Hilton, Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli, and others. Together, survivors attempt to shed light on this currently operating industry via their stories, law suits, and peaceful protests. From Casa by the Sea, to Provo Canyon Utah, to the turn about ranch, and 100's of others; it blows my mind how Dr. Phil and other people who claim to want to help kids, can support these for profit manipulative businesses. A quick google search reveals how much money entities such as World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) and others are making as well as the political contributions they made to keep their schools open. Robert Litchfield, Jason Finlinson, Dace, Jade, and many others should be held responsible for the abuse, rape, and torture of 1000's of teens.


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