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LIVE on A Pursuit to Happiness with Shatonia Amee

A pursuit to happiness with Shatonia Amee

By: Shatonia Amee

This podcast is dedicated to discussions on mental health issues within the entertainment industry, meditation versus medication, and manifesting happiness wellbeing and abundance into your life.

"On this Episode in had a in-depth, and informative conversation with Rocky Singh Kandola about his journey from a young juvenile in and out of military schools, to a convicted felon who spent most of his life in and out of jail,. To then becoming a successful business man and owner of Maiden Hair India."

Today I had a chance to chat with my dear beautiful friend and spiritual coach Liana Rader live from Phuket Thailand. Liana is an international holistic coach, healer and teacher amongst many other great things. On this episode she shares with us her tips on healing and clearing up past traumas that’s keeping us from being our best self


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