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Live on Soul Fire Radio with Kate Olson "From Hurt to Joy"

Kate interviews; Rocky Singh Kandola, successful entrepreneur, speaker and a convicted felon with a history of strife, adversity and obstacles.

Rocky spent his youth in reform camps and got off on the wrong foot in life facing everything from abuse, threats, attempts on his life, devastating injury and wrong decisions. He is a college graduate with a degree in Philosophy, speaks 4 languages and is the owner of Hair Maiden India with a beautiful showroom in Beverly Hills. He was fortunate to learn and grow from all the lessons and adversity he faced and has created a life he loves with friends, family, success, love, travel and a passion for helping others with backgrounds like his navigate to a better life. We will find out more about Rocky's journey and how he was able to move from hurt to joy!

Tune in for an inspiring story.


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