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Live with Meredith For Real On the Curious Introvert Podcast

Tune in December 6th 2020 !

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I’ve always aspired to inspire others, however I had no direction myself, so I would inspire through parties, entertainment, and materialistic things. “Inspiration” would come in small bursts during late nights downtown or alleyway meetings. Leading down the wrong path isn’t really leading, however it is part of my story as I have shared before. To be truly inspired I feel like we need to be maximizing our potential and working towards things that mean something to us personally and that also allows us to share our value with others.

Leadership is about the positive effect from one person to another and for the first time in my life I have found some direction with the added momentum of consistency and time. Being able to inspire the world starts by inspiring those around you and many times my actions may not be inspiring, we all have our ups and downs (especially in the entrepreneurial lifestyle), but my daily focus and drive has stayed strong and progressively grown the last 5 years. With these accomplishments made over time and sharing my story I hope to be able to inspire others with a similar story to mine to break free of societal constraints and restrictions and take hold of the amazing life they can have and already deserve.


"Okay Rocky. You need to not die." -Rocky Kandola

How do we separate our traumas from our identities? This episode is with someone who doesn't have it all figured out yet, which makes him all the more inspiring AND (in my opinion) qualified. Rocky Kandola was sent to a "teen rehab center," a place where he was tortured mentally, physically & sexually. He bravely shares his story with me, but this isn't merely a horror story. This is a story about someone who was physically trapped, but mentally holding onto hope. It's a living example of how to separate what has happened TO you from WHO you are, which is why I decided to include it in this mental health series. In this episode we cover: ◾️Why his parents sent him to the rehab center ◾️What it was like there ◾️How creativity can unlock solutions to problems ◾️His current relationship with his parents ◾️The process of how he adapted from a prisoner state of mind to a thriving one Stay curious & grow,


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