Live with Trina on the Conscious Creative Podcast

How to process your emotions and energy so it can flow and your vibration can raise! I know it’s hard when you are wanting to raise your vibe and have more energy but you’re feeling down. That kept me depressed for so long! Once I let myself feel down and didn’t judge myself for it and wish it was different, I actually felt better and could then move on to feeling even better

This was recorded in Tulum, Mexico!

1. Be Patient!

Which is so hard but you can't force yourself. When you shame yourself for feeling down, you can't feel better because you are being filled with low energy/shame that is just adding to the pain and draining you. You are creating an energy leak. When you think you aren't feeling good, that is you claiming you don't feel good and then you don't because you keep attracting that. Your thoughts really do become reality, as cheesy as that sounds. Be patient with yourself, with others, your surroundings/outside circumstances, everything. The more patience you cultivate in general, the lighter you will feel You will have more energy if you stop putting so much pressure on yourself! It is okay to feel down, it is natural. Everything is energy and when you let it flow, it flows naturally. Give yourself patience while doing nothing and give yourself patience while working through things. If you are going to go through struggles either way, why not do it while having compassion for yourself and letting yourself have fun during the journey.

2. Raise slowly up the emotional/consciousness scale

Look this up to understand more!

But basically, there is a scale of emotions with fear/shame etc. being at the bottom, neutrality and acceptance in the middle then love, creativity, and joy etc. at the top. You can't suppress the emotions on the bottom of the scale or your energy will start to sink down there. They can move up the scale once you don't resist them. If you let your emotions feel heard, they don't feel rejected and shamed for existing then they will come out and you can give them awareness, love, and attention. Once they come out and you can see what's going on, you can then do something about it. If those feelings are hiding in you because you aren't allowing them, they will get worse and build up more negative energy and keep on projecting out of you and hurting your health/relationships, everything. You will experience more of the higher emotions when you don't resist the lower ones.

3. Be okay with Anger

Anger is the bridge between bringing sadness and joy. It helps your lower emotions come up and be heard. Just like when you first feel like everything is your fault then you start getting mad and feel better because you aren't directing the blame onto yourself which causes shame which is lower on the scale then anger. Anger is better than shame. So go ahead and blame outside things then you can go ahead and take responsibility form a higher level, not shaming yourself, but taking responsibility in an empowering way that feels good. From that place, you have more energy to do something about it. Express it in a healthy way though, we always associate anger with BAD, with destruction etc. and that's why we resist it but you can feel it and express it without it being bad. It's about building a better relationship with your emotions, and anger is an emotion you have, learn to let it feel heard and understood. Don't shame it for existing, it will just get more mad and hide within you getting worse.

4. Realize a part of you doesn't want to feel better

Your energy is afraid to expand because the fear that is attached to your ego and inner child. You don't know if you can feel better so you stay in fear, hop into your highest self instead you are fully supported!

5. Gratitude

Focus your energy and attention to abundance by looking at what is good and what you love. This sounds cheesy and everyone always says it, but that is for a reason! It shifts your energy entirely and trains you to look for what is good and that changes your vibration which changes what you attract and manifest into your life 6. Listen to YOU Listen to your intuition, what you feel like you should do, what you feel like will help. Watch the movie! Do whatever you need to do. If you want to know if you are making a decision that is out of fear and to keep you feeling down, you will know how it feels. When you drink to cope or do drugs etc. that won't actually help, you know that decision doesn't feel expansive it feels safe like it will help you survive not thrive.

Love you all! Much love and best wishes