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Live with Wine & Chisme by Jessica Yañez

Overcoming Abuse and Beating the Odds

Overcoming Abuse and Beating the Odds NOVEMBER 11TH, 2020 | 01:06:58 | E44

EPISODE SUMMARY Rocky Kandola opens up about his traumatic childhood where he suffered emotional and physical abuse. He also discusses his experience with selling and abusing alcohol and drugs which eventually led him to be arrested, convicted and sent to prison and how his move to India after he got out changed the trajectory of his life forever.

WARNING: This episode deals with mental, physical abuse as well as drug use and could be triggering.

EPISODE NOTES Wine: 808 Beatz Wine - California Red Blend This week, The Wine & Chisme Podcast is presented by 808 Beatz Wine. 808 Beatz was inspired by a tremendous passion for Wine and a love for an era of music known as FREESTYLE. Freestyle is known globally as the “Old School Muzik” genre which represents the days when every song on the radio felt as  though it was written especially for you. We carefully created a fantastic tasting California wine that is bold, fruit-forward and smooth just like the FREESTYLE ERA! 808 Beatz Wine #TasteTheBass

BIO: Vikrum “Rocky” Kandola. Rocky is the owner/ operator of Hair Maiden India, This week my guest is Vikrum “Rocky” Kandola. Rocky is the owner/ operator of Hair Maiden India, born in New York but raised in Mississippi. To say he has experienced trauma in his life would be an understatement. He virtually lived alone in India at the age of 11, was sent to a teen “bootcamp’ where he was mentally and physically abused and went to prison- all by the age of 19. Website Personal Instagram Business Instagram YouTube

SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Rocky Kandola Hair Maiden India

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