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"Off top" REWIND from 2011 in Prison

I wrote this little rhyme in my Prison Journal almost 10 years ago It is the "intro" page of the book that I am (still) working on.

"Day after day as I sit here and patiently wait learning how to accept my mistakes and realize my fate my mind filled with questions and my heart with hate year after year my mind seems to regress Always asking myself how did I get into this mess? 22 years now I’m grown Since 13, locked behind bars … I’m feeling at home Is this it? Can I make it past another bump in the road? Or will I enter the revolving door of life in the lock-up hole? Can this really be life? Building filled with suits and ties … Strangers directing your path, walking you blindly through the night. Good men pulled of their desires and forced to fight with under qualified “leaders” with meaningless stripes."



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