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Full Day Weave Install | East Inglewood LA


What a day .. I woke up really early to finish up some last minute orders that came in from the east coast. By the time I was able to finish up I was 3 minutes late to move my car (10am) for street cleaning. So $75 ticket. Welcome to LA. Anyway, I brushed it off and got my car cleaned up before driving to Inglewood to record and interview a team member installing bundles on her client's head.

As a man that wasn't ever involved in the fashion or beauty world, many things didn't make sense to me. In the beginning I didn't know the difference between a bob and a fall type of style. I couldn't name you one brand even. Now I can hold a full beauty salon conversation without breaking a sweat.

Men and Women all over the world do and take things to increase their beauty in and out. However, after observing the industry close up for many years, asking questions, and doing videos ... I still don't understand how women go through all they do to look extra beautiful after makeup, hair, and fashionable clothing !!!

I get impatient after a 10 minute haircut and ask the barber to go ahead and use the clippers !!!

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$75 ticket for being 3 minutes late to my car this morning

Fresh Ticket. Fresh Wash. Still A Fresh Day.

Pre-Game Face | Hair Install Ready

#4 / #27 Bundle

Braided Hair Ready to Be Sewn in

Ms. Valerie Montana | Stylist and Member RDI LLC

So, yeah I love cameras ..

Having fun in the studio

Bronner Brothers Show | The next show is coming soon, so I am reviewing footage to learn from the past show and to generate some new ad content !

Peace & Love !! Rocky K

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