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Rochele & Rocky Live on the Blissful Living Show

The Blissful Living Show Going From Negative To Positive Is Possible with Rocky Singh Kandola We have all heard the stories of how people get caught up in a negative lifestyle and get stuck in it. For whatever reason, some people just seemed to be destined to be or stay in a state of negativity and a negative lifestyle. Did you know that there are people that actually make the transition from negative to positive and go on to do great things in life? Did you know that it is actually possible for a felon to change their life around when they discover the true essence of what their life really means? Have you ever had a conversation with a felon that has turned their life around? Are you aware that it happens more often than not but those are the stories will never hear about? Have you ever wondered why we don't hear about those negative to positive stories? Join Rochel Marie Lawson as she chats with Rocky Singh Kandola about his journey from negative to positive and how he hopes sharing his story will help others. Links to Rocky Singh Kandola Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Links to Rochel Marie Lawson Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: