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Grand Opening of The Downtown LA Hair Loft

This past few weeks I have been going nonstop. From 4am in the morning to 12am at night, I have been putting together our new salon.

We will provide more value than any hair salon or store in the area with organic teas being served daily, and only the most natural raw products sourced personally used and sold, as well as fresh food all go into helping clients have an amazing install experience. Bringing in furniture and getting everything set inside the store was just part of the process! The new loft is such a huge step up from my beginnings in LA that it is almost unreal to see.

Rooftop lounge in South Park LA on top of my condo

From a 400 sq ft studio to a 1400 sq ft loft in 5 months

Check the next post to see how it came out !

This is where we create our new business ideas and plans

After coming back to LA from India, I have had people stop me in malls and make references to me being the "Hair God." WOW !! That literally touched my heart. To be known and remembered for such a positive thing as helping others start their own lives and businesses.

I've always had the reputation of "party kid" and most recognized me for having booze, women, and fun. Having someone acknowledge and respect me truly for my value to their life and business is a real blessing. I want to share the experiences and lessons I've learned to make it where I am today.

This is what they are calling me on the streets of LA #hairgod

Since being back from India, I have reunited with my 5am club and it feels great. As a businessman and entrepreneur, I make my own schedule. I have learned that this schedule is not only key to success in business, but a huge factor in shaping my energy and personal productivity and growth each day. I do yoga very early and then start my day.

I have learned FINALLY, this morning actually, how to not be reactive first thing in the morning. Instead of grabbing my phone and responding and reacting to all the messages, I got up, and went straight to yoga. Infinitely increasing my energy, vibration, and potential for the day.

With the one and only ...

There is still much work to be done for marketing and advertising as well as day to day operations. I have a big show this weekend here in LA and was invited by a new media company to film as well.

Man .. the business coming my way in LA has opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have some amazingly talented women who are ready to push the status quo and grind hard. I can not be more blessed with such a solid team.

My cousin running the hair factory back in India

The heart of the company !

The beautiful Brandi !

I apologize to my readers for being so short and for posting so much less recently !! I am very busy getting the end of the year business situated !!

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