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#TRAAE​​ S3: LIVE: Beyond The Surface. Life of Gratitude Is A Blessed Life with Rocky Singh Kandola

Premieres LIVE on YouTube on Friday April 16th, 2021 at 11:30am PST

ABOUT THE EPISODE: In today’s episode, Rocky Singh Kandola is sharing with us his transformation from being a prisoner to become a successful businessman. Rocky has half of his face and jaw replaced. He was attempted to murder, shot on, stubbed off, and he had 20 major surgeries in his life. He saw the dark part of life. He actually lived a life many won’t survive. I will be having a conversation with Rocky about life, philosophy, consciousness, how to overcome addiction, success, money, and most importantly, how to live and design your life consciously.

Let's dive in. =======

ABOUT THE GUEST: Rocky Singh Kandola is a successful Indian businessman born in New York City and living in Los Angeles; Founder & CEO Red Dot Imports LLC & Hair Maiden India. But it did not start that way. He spent his “high school” life in 9 different facilities and boot camps across the world, some of which are now closed due to severe child abuse, rape, and torture. He almost died at least 8 times; half of my face and jaw are fake from an attempted murder on my life. He has been shot at, stabbed, kidnapped, and kicked in the face. He has been hurt, hurt, and seen hurt up close.

Rocky is passionate to help spread the word to the world so the many people that share my background and/or can benefit from its story are able to gain peace, courage, and understanding. I look forward to sharing this journey with the world. Rocky uses his strength in communication with a diverse range of cultures to bridge the gap between people and countries along with products and/or services they trade. He shared his experiences and story to spread love, motivation, and inspiration to those who need it most.


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