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#TRAAE​​ S3: LIVE: Beyond The Surface. Life of Gratitude Is A Blessed Life with Rocky Singh Kandola

Premieres LIVE on YouTube on Friday April 16th, 2021 at 11:30am PST

ABOUT THE EPISODE: In today’s episode, Rocky Singh Kandola is sharing with us his transformation from being a prisoner to become a successful businessman. Rocky has half of his face and jaw replaced. He was attempted to murder, shot on, stubbed off, and he had 20 major surgeries in his life. He saw the dark part of life. He actually lived a life many won’t survive. I will be having a conversation with Rocky about life, philosophy, consciousness, how to overcome addiction, success, money, and most importantly, how to live and design your life consciously.

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ABOUT THE GUEST: Rocky Singh Kandola is a successful Indian businessman born in New York City and living in Los Angeles; Founder & CEO Red Dot Imports LLC & Hair Maiden India. But it did not start that way. He spent his “high school” life in 9 different facilities and boot camps across the world, some of which are now closed due to severe child abuse, rape, and torture. He almost died at least 8 times; half of my face and jaw are fake from an attempted murder on my life. He has been shot at, stabbed, kidnapped, and kicked in the face. He has been hurt, hurt, and seen hurt up close.

Rocky is passionate to help spread the word to the world so the many people that share my background and/or can benefit from its story are able to gain peace, courage, and understanding. I look forward to sharing this journey with the world. Rocky uses his strength in communication with a diverse range of cultures to bridge the gap between people and countries along with products and/or services they trade. He shared his experiences and story to spread love, motivation, and inspiration to those who need it most.


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Abhinav Jain:

Hello everyone. I'm Abhinav Jain, and this is the real Abhinav audio experience. Welcome to the Real Abhinav audio experience. This is your host. Abhinav Jain and I aspire to make this podcast go beyond the surface in this podcast. I intend to bring you insights from the top. Most performers, no matter what industry they're in, talk about how they've done things differently to grow their minds and keep their physical and mental health and shape. My mission with this podcast is to help overwhelmed individuals learn ways to reduce their depression, anxiety, and live with peace and love. I just want to take a moment to thank our sponsors, blossom media studio. Thank you so much for creating and distributing my podcast and taking away literally every single thing that's involved with podcasting. So I can just spend the time to talk to my guests and create great episodes. All right, ladies. Welcome back to another episode of the Real Abhinav audio experience today. Again, I have a very special guest for you. I'm joined today with Rocky Singh Kandola aka Vikrum, joining us today from LA, where he lives a young 34-year-old successful businessman living now in LA, but born in New York has his own showroom now in good old Beverly Hills selling these amazing hair from India. And what you may not know about this gentleman is he was also a felon in a previous life. What's more interesting and intriguing to me and why I brought him on the show is he's also a philosophy graduate, but his story gets so deep. You guys wouldn't believe that when he was in the high school period of life when most of us are in our preteens and teens, early twenties, he ended up moving from facility to facility nine, to be exact things like boot camps across the world, places where they take kids to try to make them better. Most of those places don't exist today because Vikrum was actually part of some of the abuse that goes on in these kinds of places, crazy to hear. But, you know, we're hearing all kinds of insane things. These days in our world, most of his incidences in life revolved around getting in trouble with different people. He mentioned to me that he had half of his face and jaw replaced because of attempted murder in his life. He's been shot at. He's been stabbed at, he's been kidnapped. He's been kicked in the face, he's at around 20 major surgeries in his adult life. And he's definitely seen some dark parts of life. Vikrum. I want to first off thank you for being here. And I want to just take a moment to really not put any lightness to what you've come through, but I want to spend today not going into the details about how and what happened and more about how you got to where you are today and what that really means. So since you are a philosophy graduate and understand that word, I'm very curious to start out with, like, what is your current philosophy in life? Like all the things that you've gone through? Like what do you think we're all here for? And more importantly, what do you think you're here for? Yeah. So what's your philosophy in life?

Rocky Singh Kandola :

Definitely. So first of all, thank you for having me out here today as well. My brother, so my philosophy on life, and I guess it kind of changes that as, as we grow, as we learn, things might change over time. For me, I believe that we're all on our journeys and we all are connected in those journeys as well. We all have a spiritual kind of soul connection to the world and we're kind of pursuing and going after those journeys in life. I mean, it's hard to put our heart and minds and we kind of all end up in a great state. And I think what's happening around the world now is like so many people have gotten distracted by what they see on social media, about who they look up to and the superstars and the TV and the music they were forgetting you know, what it is that we're here to do in that it's kind of simple. I've learned slowly, which is it's hard to comprehend, but it's easy to say what we're already doing. I, when I look back and I see everything I've done, everything I've been through, I realized that in order for me to be the state, I am now mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, everything else, it kind of took all of that to get here for me personally, that's my journey. And my future journey is to share that and to share that knowledge with people, especially they're feeling stuck or feeling like they can't get out of the position you're in, or they went through a lot of heartaches or a lot of trauma or physical or sexual abuse. All these things are just known or words and things that happened to us, but the way we perceive them and the journey that we're on during them really kind of ends up being like your magical book, basically like what you, your gift to the world. And that's kind of my Philosophy. As once again, I read a lot, watch a lot of YouTube. And so every once in a while I have like a ship that comes in. I recently just read a couple of Paulo Coelho books, Alchemist, and the Pilgrimage. And it's really cool, just how it feels like I kind of reconfirm it myself. These books kind of came in front of me at this time. I was kind of dealing with a little bit of an issue in a personal relationship or mine. And it's just the way they came up to me. And the way these books was found me almost, and the medic was in them. And the words around them once again, kind of like made me realize, you know, especially for Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, he talks a lot about omens and signs and things. And I realized that when I'm unconscious about, you know, what's going on around me, anything can happen. I can fly by who knows what's happening. I don't even feel like I'm in control of my life when I get conscious of these things. There are these signs around me, even from everything. So just having a little chill in your body, when you hear something, receive something and you really stop and say, you know, what is this here for? What does it teach me? What is the lesson behind it and what it was a mean? And he would consciously think about that. The power of that is just it's, it's universal. And it's, that's, that's like, I believe that is like the real connection to the soul, to the world and God.

Abhinav Jain:

Beautifully articulated, to say the least, and you very much today sitting in front of me in the present moment, sound like a man who has spent a lot of time reflecting on his past to get to where he is today. You said something very interesting to me. You said all these traumas, these past tragic events that have happened in your life are no longer in your reality, but they did happen at one point. And the reason I want to kind of dig into this is that a lot of times I think we overlook and we kind of glorify our past as if like, this is the thing that I have to use, like as a crutch for my entire being. It doesn't seem like that's the case with you, to me. Yes. That's your truth. That's what you've experienced. But the person that I feel like I'm talking to now is not that anymore. You clearly, life has thrown so much at you through the physical nature that we exist in, you know, with this body connected with this breath to our mind and the way we experience life through our senses. You're someone that I can see life has already given you in the short period that you've been around so much through the physical and the senses and the, and then like the abuse that would come to the body. But somehow your spirit, it just feels like it's very strong still. And I'm wondering what, what did it take to kind of keep that alive? Because most people would not have survived what you survived and they might not even get to this point of reflection where you've gotten to. So in, I know I'm asking you a big question, but I think what I'm trying to really understand here is how does a man go from getting, you know, his face, reshaped his body completely screwed up by different events, all that trauma, you know, and especially at a young age, I think drugs were involved in, of course, violence was involved. How does someone even like, get through any of that and get to where you are? Like you know, someone that like you that's reflected on that, what would you want to talk about from that perspective?

Rocky Singh Kandola :

Yeah. So, I mean, huge question the whole once again, but I've actually recently started looking into a book. I can't think of the end pronounced that it deals with talking about your shadow side. And it talks a lot about how we all have within us, as I say, a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and the reason those kinds of stories touch so many people around the world are around such a big consciousness is that there's such an innate internal truth to it. And when we can understand that and see like and accepted that we both, we all have these different sides of us. Things become easier, to differentiate and to understand and to grow on and move from versus just react to. So, you know, as you said, you know, 10 years ago, five years, we've been these things that happened to me, a lot of them were or based on it, especially me being a certain way, don't drink things in the world a certain way and doing things a certain way. You know, as a young child, a lot of things happened to me that was totally out of my control as an adult. I kind of kept that filter on me to anger, the hate, the disrespect for authority to the feeling. I couldn't trust anybody. Everyone's gonna screw me over and hurt me. And I kept that villager on. And as long as I perceived things like that and saw like that, and believe that it kept happening to me. Everything in prison was violent after 20 years. I really thought this was who I was. This wasn't gonna happen. I wouldn't, I filtered all day. I would get in fights with people driving. I would have cops pull me over to get in fights with them. I would be in prison, getting in trouble in jail, getting in trouble, back and forth every couple of weeks. I think everyone has a common point in their life when they have some type of a shared, right. And we can have that kind of opportunity to knock at our door, to shift and change. If we're not open and ready to receive it, you know, it's going to pass us by and what life does, it will bring it around again to you and see if you're ready.

Abhinav Jain:

the lessons until you learn them. It'll keep coming back.

Rocky Singh Kandola :

Exactly. Exactly. My big one actually came after prison, you know, after I got out, I got back.

Abhinav Jain:

How long were you in prison if you don't mind me asking?

Rocky Singh Kandola :

So I was my sentence was crazy. I got sentenced to 10 years split the cert three in Alabama. That means you serve that's the time on the front end. And then if you get in trouble, which I did, I followed my probation, did all kind of stuff. You get sent to prison again afterwards. So about six to nine months in jail at different times. Got it. 11 months, quiet 0.2 months in total on house arrest. And I did inpatient rehab twice for three to four months until finally after all that. And I was still messing up and still smoking weed and thinking off some nights ago, they finally sent me to prison and I did about two and a half years at one stretch in prison about 27 months at one stretch in prison, including the time I had to quarantine and get to jail and then to prison. And finally, get out. I've

Abhinav Jain:

I have got a quick favour to ask if you, if you've been enjoying this podcast, I'd really appreciate it. If you could take one minute of your time and leave us a review on apple podcasts, it goes a long way and I'd really, really, really appreciate it. If you've already done that. Thank you again. Please share this episode with someone, you know, a friend or family member, download the episode or share the link, whatever works for you. Now let's get back to it.

Rocky Singh Kandola :

Yeah, it was, it was a lot. When you're going through stuff like that and just you're looking up and you're like, man, it's never going to have to be here forever. But looking back now, it was such a small piece that, you know, everything that happened. And, you know, honestly, if I didn't go to prison, I wouldn't have this business that I have right now because that's where I had the connections with people I've met and the conversations that actually sparked the idea behind what I'm doing right now with my hair company. We actually made the business sitting under a bump that it was stolen, stuck in a cell phone with people watching for police for us. And I was just, you know, down there just calling just my friends, cousins, and sisters, and saying, Hey, you know, what's, what's hot on the market. What are people buying? You know, what do we need to buy? How do we make this work? And then from there, it was a one-page business plan. You know, like I was saying, when I got out, I didn't really jump right into that. I got back in the same lifestyle. My first one moment came randomly I was doing everything I got, my teeth had been knocked out. I finally got my teeth back. I was finally off probation totally free if you ever want to do. And I was doing the same thing me, I was, I was in the same circles and I had the same crew. I had different girlfriends. I had, you know, my dope at one spot